ATAD – Asia's first Steel Structure Factory to receive LEED GOLD

In September, ATAD steel structure factory located in Long Khanh Industrial Zone (Dong Nai province) received LEED Gold certificate from U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

However, behind a green factory is the story of budget and many international standards that ATAD must comply with. Many questions are raised like “Why do a factory need to get LEED?” and “Is LEED a lucrative investment?”

Building “green” factories according to LEED standards by USGBC is becoming increasingly popular around the world. This trend has been spreading to Vietnam as well! Although the green building movement in Vietnam has only taken some first steps, it is leading Asia with the largest LEED steel structure factory in Vietnam.

Investing in LEED is a long-term human resources investment

Nowadays, corporations and multinational companies are seriously concerned with sustainable development, hence, building “green” factories has become increasingly popular. However, there is only the steel structure factory of Turkey has received the LEED Gold so far.

According to the Green Building Council, very few constructions in Vietnam have received LEED certification, most of which are offices of foreign companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Unilever, BigC, etc. ATAD is the second factory in the World and the first steel structure factory in Asia to get LEED Gold.

Why does a steel structure factory need to get LEED certification? Answer from Mr. Nguyen Le Anh Tuan – Chairman of ATAD Company: “It’s because LEED standards and green buildings aim to save energy, water and provide a better working environment for employees.”

“With characteristics of a heavy industry factory which consumes a great deal of electricity and water, then saving on production costs is a benefit for owners. The better working condition the employees have, the higher factory productivity.” - Mr. Tuan said.

Invest in LEED is a pioneering investment for the Vietnam image around the World

Nike, a shoe manufacturer, always chooses its partners based on four criteria: quality, unit price, delivery time, and sustainable production. Mr. Do Huu Nhat Quang, co-founder of GreenViet Green Building Consultancy and an expert who has  many experiences in green building consultancy in Vietnam said: “It’s time for Vietnamese businesses to pay attention to green buildings. Building LEED factory is becoming important, which increases companies’ competitiveness, integration and sustainable development.”

“A sustainable development company focuses on developing three factors: profitability, people and environment. Companies can have many different ways to address these above factors, LEED is one of the best ways that helps company achieve these three at the same time.” – Mr. Quang said.

Vietnamese companies should have access to the LEED certification as soon as possible because this is an opportunity to increase their competitiveness. Otherwise, companies will once again be left behind.

“Despite the 5-15% extra in investment in LEED costs compared to normal investment, this is the advantage of investment for employees, the environment and the later profitability of company.” – Mr. Quang said.

Statistically, this incremental investment has an average payback period of 5-7 years. Furthermore, there are other intangible benefits such as a positive brand image.

As a consultant during the construction stage for ATAD steel structure factory, Mr. Quang asserted that ATAD has taken a pioneering step with global development trend. With the LEED Gold certification for the factory and LEED Platinum certification for the office, ATAD company affirmed its vision of sustainable development.



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Source: Tri Thuc Tre