For the last decade, Vietnam has witnessed a significant development in economy and society, of which had a strong support of real estate market as well as infrastructures. However, the development is also a double-edged sword. Along with the development are the rising threats of polluting environment as well as unsustainable planning.

The environment, both fauna and flora, is being seriously damaged on such a large scale. Extreme climate change happens frequently, many heritages are on the edge of being wiped out from the face of the Earth, cities have never faced urbanization rate at such a high rate as they are doing now, and the dropping of green spaces is becoming more and more a serious issue.

Facing such challenges, to decide the size of cities as well as the quality of life of people who are living in them, Nhip Cau Dau Tu magazine, DKRA Vietnam J.S.C. and GreenViet Company decide to start a long-term non-profit project which was named: “Sustainable real estate development”. The main point of the project is to host annual conferences, along with activities that help to raise attitudes of people related to protecting the environment as well as living habitats.

The very first conference of the project: “Sustainable real estate development 2018: Green strategy” occurred on 19th July 2018 in Ho Chi Minh city. “Green strategy” focused upon:

1) The reality of violating national environment and its effects upon the development of real estate

2) Green development case studies from other countries in the area and the key solutions to protect environment

3) The ideal formula for “green” in civilized structures, and aims for a civilized and sustainable city.


At the conference, Mr. Do Huu Nhat Quang, Co-Founder and Business Development Director of GreenViet Consultancy Company, delivered a presentation entitled "How Green is Vietnam?" in order to describe the green building construction situation in Vietnam.

By using researches’ results, actual evidence and real case studies, the collaboration among the three units has built up the very first foundation of changing people’s perspective about the sustainable development.

HTV9 Report on the Sustainable Real Estate Conference - Green Strategy

The conference welcomed more than 300 honored guests from domestic and foreign leading economic, environmental, real estate developers, as well as leading prestige organizations and individuals. “Green Balcony” Fund was also launched at the end of the event, and will be run throughout the year together with other associated green activities.