The Global CSR Summit & Awards & The Global Good Governance Awards

The world’s leading thought Leadership event on CSR– The Global CSR Summit & Awards™ & The Global Good Governance Awards™ returns for the 12th consecutive time. Previously, hosted in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia, the 2020 edition will be located in Hanoi, Vietnam, famously known as the land of the “Ascending Dragon’.

While 2019 has been a tumultuous year globally with many disruptions in the realm of politics, society, economics and the environment, we can expect the shockwaves to reverberate into 2020. Reacting to these changes, societies and corporations have taken a pro-active stance to address a wide range of issues including inequalities, climate change and environmental pollution. However, these voices have become so diverse, divisive, counterproductive and sometimes violent.

Take for example, the growing trend by corporations using ads with a CSR or value based appeal such as Gillette’s new advertising campaign aiming at elevating the moral behaviour of its male customers has generally, backfired. How should corporations effectively utilise CSR appeals in today’s environment? On a global perspective, we are still witnessing a large disparity in environmental quality, economic wellbeing between developed and developing countries. In fact, some problems as in the case of plastic waste pollution are perpetuated by policies of developed nations. Similarly, human trafficking and the exploitation in the sex trade have become a global systemic problem exacerbated by huge economic disparities between rich and poor nations and a failed economic and social system.

Despite the rather chaotic 2019, there are several positive momentum built over the past decade that is driving change in the global front. Societies and global corporations are embracing the UN Sustainable Development goals as part of their long term planning. Sustainability reporting and corporate transparency have become the mantra of today’s way of conducting business. The growth of new technologies like IoT and AI offer tremendous opportunities in solving the problems in today’s societies in the most efficient way. Where the theme for the 2019’s event was that of Activism and Change, 2020 would likely see more re-calibration, consolidation and building on the lessons of the past decade, to sift the wheat from the chaff to “Rebuilding A Value Based World”.

The 2020 Global CSR Summit & Awards™ together with The Global Good Governance Awards™ will invite some of the thought leaders of our time from various industries to share some of the most innovative ideas for environmental protection, community empowerment, gender equality and workplace diversity, supply chain transparency, corporate transparency, brand activism and technology for social good. Joined by hundreds of senior executives and CSR professionals from the region and the rest of the world at the luxurious setting of JW Marriot, Hanoi, this event promises to be an another unforgettable experience for everyone. Lastly, as always, we will conclude the conference with our signature touch on day two which will be a memorable eco tour of the historical and breathtaking sights of Hanoi.