The Green Talk Series #2 event was organized by GREENVIET and ROCKWOOL

Following the success of Green Talk Series # 1, on October 24, 2019, the Green Talk Series # 2 with the theme “SOLUTION INSULATION FOR GREEN PLANT” organized by GREENVIET and ROCKWOOL took place at Hilton Hanoi OPERA Hotel (1 Le Thanh Tong, Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem). The event was honored to accompany ROCKWOOL representatives, Mr. Davis Ong – Sales Manager and Ms. Trang Nguyen – Business Manager of Northern Vietnam with the participation of nearly 50 representatives from Design consulting companies, Design & Build contractors, suppliers and investors in Vietnam construction industry.

At the beginning of the event, representatives of businesses had time to interact, exchange and learn more about partners, thereby expand networking between businesses in the field of construction.

Following the program is a useful sharing of Mr. Do Huu Nhat Quang – Co-Founder and Business Development Director of GREENVIET with the presentation: “Green Factory Market and The Role of Insulation”. As an expert in green building consultancy, with experience in implementing hundreds of projects, he was excited to share on issues that businesses are very interested in such as the green building of Viet Nam market, the market for industrial construction in the context of the US-China trade war and the benefits of factory insulation.

At this event, the representatives of ROCKWOOL, Mr. David Ong and Ms. Trang Nguyen introduced to the event the insulation products, benefits and contributions of such products to a green factory.

Finally, this is the section of questions and inquiries comes from businesses. With an open and intimate atmosphere, it gives guests the comfort and willingness to share experiences and specialist knowledge for everyone. This is the part of the guests that are looking forward to because they will find answers and methods to solve problems that the company is facing.

#GreenTalkSeries is a series of workshops organized by GREENVIET with the idea of ​​sharing knowledge focusing on green topics and sustainable solutions. Each workshop will be a different topic from materials, products to architectural and construction solutions. Hopefully, with the success of Green Talk Series # 1 and # 2, GREEN VIET can cooperate with other businesses to organize the next events to share and spread the value of sustainable development as well as connect businesses in construction industry in Vietnam.