Recently, the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) has awarded LOTUS gold certificates to Concordia International School Hanoi. Accordingly, this is the first school combines primary school and secondary school in Vietnam that achieved LOTUS Gold Standard for Green Building.

The whole project site area includes a primary school, a high school, a football pitches and some auxiliary areas. The Building school has 5 stories, including: office area, music room, art room, cafeteria, black box, gym court, gym fitness, dance room, learning studio, science lab, etc.

With the goal of creating a friendly and comfortable environment for students to study most effectively, GreenViet has put a lot of green standards from design to construction stage. It can be divided into 5 main categories:

Besides that, Concordia International School Hanoi have put green feature signage in some places around the project to not only boost green building reputation but also increase the awareness of environmental protection for each student.


Concordia International School Hanoi has successfully created an exciting and healthy education environment for students by applying green building standards into the project to encourage students to participate in to learning and entertainment with a morale of self-discipline and comfortable.

This project is built with sustainable goal and corporate social responsibility from design stage, material and equipment choices to construction stage and operation. The reason behind all is because we want to create the best development environment for children!