Energy and Water audits are significant activities to improve the existing building. It's a systematic process for investigating, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of building systems by improving the operation and maintenance to ensure continued performance over time. GREENVIET will help you identify all energy reduction and cost saving opportunities for your building. The steps are: 
1.    Performing an on-site inspection of the facility to quantify energy uses and losses through a review and analysis of equipment systems, operational characteristics, and measurements.
2.    Develop a breakdown of the total annual energy consumption by end-use based on calculated loads or spot measurements. 
3.    Identify where diagnostics, which contribute to inefficient operation of the existing building. Testing may be appropriate. 
4.    Provide a list of practical modifications, potential energy cost savings, and the cost of each practical measure.
5.    Create a list of low cost and no cost energy efficiency measures based on the audit results. 
6.    Report to include recommended low and high cost energy savings opportunities that may be considered for implementation.