Many of the largest companies have begun to take strides along the sustainability pathway, along with the small and medium-sized business who are also researching on green. The issue of sustainability has also become a popular and wide-ranging subject in the environmental, energy and construction industry. In addition, benefits from green building are becoming more realistic and valuable under operation cost term, operation management and maintenance procedures. Therefore, GREENVIET will be the best solution for clients who are committed to building sustainable communities. We help our customers benchmark against competition, define sustainability initiatives for optimizing building performance and implement them at a reasonable investment. Benchmark can provide additional value to all levels and sizes of building by focusing on the main elements that create the effective energy usage (e.g. building orientation, building envelope, glazing, minimum efficient coefficient of equipment, ....) and the issues associated with sustainability including green building planning, water re-use, source reduction, and waste minimization.

GREENVIET is an expert on LEED, LOTUS and Green Mark Certifications. We will consult each and every client to clearly understand their needs in order to provide the suitable services. We will work closely with the whole project team throughout the entire process, from the very beginning till the very end, even after your project receives the certification. And GREENVIET makes sure to help buildings achieve the highest certification rating possible for both New Construction and Existing Building, enhance financial performance and manage risks without disrupting operational performance.


LEED version 3 (2009) - Platinum Level


LOTUS Small Buildings Pilot 



Green Building has become a revolution in the construction industry, aligning with the global Sunstainable Development Goals. World Green Building Council (WGBC) defines Green Building as a Building that can minimize negative impacts and can provide positive impacts on our climate and natural environment during its design, construction and/or operation stages.

Nowadays, there are several Green Building standards with different evaluation criteria in the world, but all of them are based on 5 main elements: energy, sustainable sites, materials and resources, water and indoor air quality.

As the criteria are built to evaluate a construction project from design stage to completion and operation, green buildings have brought about great and diverse benefits. These benefits can be divided into 3 main categories: Environment, Economy, and Society.

Green Building solutions such as using solar energy, natural lighting, and means of public transportation, will increase energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions, thereby contributing to environmental protection. Specifically:

Green Building rating systems have categories aimed at evaluating a project from design to finish and completion stage, therefore Green Buildings bring various significant benefits. These benefits can be divided into 3 types: Environment, Economy, and Society.

Green Building solutions such as using solar energy, natural daylight and public transportation utilities will increase energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions, thereby contributing to environmental protection. Specifically:

Cost savings in the operation process can be deemed the main economic advantage that a Green Building can bring, alongside other benefits such as enhancing building value and increasing productivity. Specifically:

Environmental pollution, global warming and climate change are the topics of great concern for the community. Finding a safe and comfortable living and working space is an essential need. On the other hand, buoyant real estate market and the tendency of increasing interest in health and healthy lifestyles are the motivators for investors to search for a new direction: constructing projects according to Green Building standards!

Besides the environmental and economic benefits for investors and users, green buildings also bring great benefits for the public such as:


In Vietnam, there are 6 Green Building rating systems currently in use:


CSR, short for Corporate Social Responsibility, was first built before World War II, and was widely expanded in the 60s of the last century. Accordingly, enterprises in the process of establishment and development should not only focus on creating profits but also implement long-term and sustainable dvelopment policies and strategies in order to not affect the future generations. Therefore, each and every business should ensure the harmony of these three elements in their business strategy: Profit, People, and Planet (3P model of CSR). These three elements also correspond to the three benefits that Green Building offers: economy, society, and environment.